Frequently Asked Questions 

Are these preserved roses real? 

Yes, the flowers are 100% naturally grown roses. They are cultivated and grown in the rich, volcanic soils of Ecuador. We source the best flowers available for all of our products. These are real, forever roses preserved in a way so that they will last for years.

How to preserve a rose? 

Preserving a rose requires many stages and processes in order to maintain the original form and beauty of the rose, yet extend it's longevity. Stage one is cultivating and sourcing the finest species of the flower at right time. Followed by a re-hydration process where the rose is immersed in glycerin and other herbal solutions. The process of dying the roses with various colors is the final step. The preserved roses can then be prepared and decorated into beautiful floral arrangements and Special Day Gift items.

How long do the roses last? 

The maximum shelf life of fresh-cut roses are generally one to one and half week if they are properly taken care of. However a few tips like cutting the stem before putting them on water filled vase helps in extending the longevity of the rose. Also, adding sugar in the water keeps the rose alive for long. 
That's why here at  Eternal Roses we preserve the real roses in natural ingredients to last for three years & more. Learn here how we preserve roses to last long.

Do Eternal Roses really last that long? 

Yes, our forever roses can last up to three years if a few simple rules are followed:

  • Limit touching
  • No direct sunlight
  • No water

Touching is really the worst thing for preserved flowers, so we suggest keeping it at a minimum to allow them to last as long as possible.

All environments are different, and the forever roses will be affected differently by them. Some climates may allow for a longer lasting rose, while others may not. Heating, air conditioning, humidity, and many other factors of an environment can affect these roses.

How do they last so long? 

The roses are harvested and then processed in an all-natural, glycerin-based formula that preserves the natural beauty and form of the rose. Hence they are named as eternal roses. 

What are Eternal Roses ? 

Eternal roses are real roses that are harvested and preserved to last for years have many names. Eternal roses, eternity roses, forever roses, infinity rose, roses that last, or preserved roses are among those names that you will often find. Whatever the name may be, the finest quality can be found only with us at Eternal Roses®.

Do these forever roses have a scent?  

Yes. We add a rose scent to the flowers to give them back their wonderful smell. During the preservation process, the natural scent is "taken" away. No current preserved flower will have the scent that nature gave it.

Real roses do not come in all of the colors you offer, so how are there so many variations?  

The color options we have are created in a non-toxic, plant based dying process. The roses are real, but in order to obtain the variety of colors, the "base" flowers are dyed to specific hues shortly after harvest. The metallic colors are done slightly differently in order to produce their unique colors. 

What are Eternal Roses made of?  

Eternal Roses are real roses. They are just preserved in varied process so that they maintain the original look of the flower. This is the reason why they are also called preserved roses. Our Eternal Roses are real and finest roses that will retain it's beauty for years.

What are the various rose color meaning ?

It is true different rose colors symbolizes different meaning depending on the occasion, relationship & other emotional factors. For example white is associated with purity, red roses with love, yellow rose with friendship and so on. Here is a detailed guide on the meaning of the rose colors and when to gift them. 

Can I Give Eternal Roses as Birthday Presents? 

Yes, absolutely. Our preserved roses arrangements & gift boxes are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, Mother's day and any special occasions.

How does your calendar option work in the cart screen? 

The calendar option allows you to choose an estimated date of delivery. Pick an available date and we will do our best to deliver your order on that date. Keep in mind when choosing a date for delivery that production and transit time to your location must be considered. If a date is selected that cannot be met due to the transit time to your location, we will attempt to reach out via email but the item will still ship out as quickly as possible. 

Eternal Roses cannot be held responsible if a delivery date is chosen that cannot reasonably be met when considering production and transit time. For more information see our Shipping and Returns page or contact us.

Do you offer corporate gifting solution?

Yes, we have a vast collection of business gift boxes and corporate gift bundles that are ideal for employee appreciation or celebrating recognition. We also have custom made gift solution for the corporate that is aligned according specifications and budget. We encourage to visit our Corporate Gifts and Events Page for more information.

How to care for the rose petal boxes?

The petal boxes from Eternal Roses comes with a enclosed case. For best longevity of the petals, following measures are advisable: 

  1.  Do not remove the Eternal Rose petals from the box
  2.  Keep them away from direct sunlight.
  3.  Also these petals are already preserved and therefore do not require         watering. 
  4.  Please keep in mind the petals are real & soft , so don't put anything heavy the box top. 

Are items on Sale applicable for further discounts?

No, items that are already marked down will not be applicable for any further discount codes or mark downs. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Canada and based in New York. Our company was formed and resides in New York to this day. Contact us Here.

How long does it take to ship and deliver?  

We require a minimum of 24 hours to produce our eternal rose items after an order is placed. Shipping will occur once that production time has completed. Note that weekends and holidays are not production days.  Please also note that we are closed over the weekend, so our production days will start on Monday and finish on Friday of each week.

Delivery times are based on the receiving location and choices made by the customer at checkout. Eternal Roses does not take responsibility for deliveries that are late due to issues during transit or due to incorrect shipping choices made during checkout. For more information see our Shipping and Returns page or contact us.

Where do your items ship from?

We ship from our locations in Toronto and New York. Most shipments in Canada will come from the Toronto area, so please consider that when placing an order and choosing a shipping option.

 For other questions, concerns or inquiries, please contact us!

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