Collection: Anniversary Gifts and Flowers

Whether it's for your partner, a friend, a colleague, or a family member, a bouquet that celebrates love is perfect. The best anniversary flowers and gifts are thoughtful and represent the years of marriage. While there are some traditional choices, you have a lot of freedom to choose something meaningful. Forever flowers from Eternal Roses are the most unique options to symbolize love and commitment because of their long-lasting grace. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of options for anniversary gifts, consider consulting this helpful guide. We can assist you in selecting the ideal flowers for each anniversary, making your decision process much easier. Have a look!!!

Heartfelt Blooms: Anniversary Flowers 

1. Wedding Anniversary

Red roses symbolize deep love and passion, making them the perfect choice for commemorating the day you said "I do." Choose an eternal roses bouquet combining red roses into a beautiful arrangement to make the celebration everlasting.

2. Engagement Anniversary

Silky and stylish pink roses are the best choice for your engagement anniversary. These roses signify gratitude, and admiration takes the essence of your commitment. Mix pink roses with white ones for a romantic blend. Accompany the flowers with a heartfelt message or a small keepsake to reminisce about the special moment of your engagement.

3. Work Anniversary

Yellow roses, which stand for friendship and happiness, are great for a work anniversary. Choose an elegant bouquet that includes yellow, red and pink color roses. Surprise and appreciate your colleague with a desk arrangement featuring eternal roses that can bring lasting beauty to their workspace.

4. First Date Anniversary

Celebrate the anniversary of your first date with the warm and passionate tones of orange roses. These roses represent enthusiasm and desire, perfectly capturing the spirit of that memorable day.

5. Friendship Anniversary

For your friendship anniversary, best to go for wow lavender forever roses. You can also add more pastel colours to the bouquet with lavender colour which reflects the depth of cherished friendship. 

Anniversary Gift Ideas to pair with flowers 

  • Birthstone Jewelry With Anniversary Flowers:  

Celebrate your special anniversaries with your partner by giving them a beautiful piece of birthstone jewelry with anniversary flowers, like a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Birthstones have unique meanings and are thought to bring good luck and protection. Choose gifts for an anniversary from a special collection featuring your partner's birthstone, and add a personal touch by engraving a message or their initials. Present the jewelry in a lovely box adorned with forever roses or a delicate pendant made from preserved rose petals to make the gift even more memorable. 

  • Personalized Forever Rose Photo Frame

Make a special anniversary gift by combining forever roses and precious memories in a personalized photo frame. Pick a nice frame, add preserved rose petals or flowers to the corners or border, and engrave it with their name or a sweet message. Put in a favourite photo of you two or a cherished moment. This heartfelt present with our anniversary flowers will always remind you both of the love and joy you have together.

  • Customized Forever Rose Assortment Box Kit

For folks who enjoy being crafty, surprise them with a DIY forever rose box kit. It is an awesome choice with anniversary eternal roses. It comes with a bunch of preserved roses in different colours, a fancy box, and all the stuff they need to create their own special arrangement. Throw in a personal note or little treasures like charms to make it extra special. This hands-on gift lets them show off their creative side and make a unique decoration that will always remind them of your kindness.


Do you offer gift wrapping or packaging options?

Yes, we provide gift wrapping and delivery services. We can wrap your gift nicely and send it to the recipient's location, making the process more convenient. It's a way to make the gift-giving experience even better.

Is there a return or exchange policy for anniversary gifts and flowers?

Eternal Roses accepts returns or exchanges for preserved roses and rose gift boxes if they were damaged during transit. Damages must be photographed immediately, and no refunds are issued after opening the box. Refused deliveries incur a $50 restocking fee. Shipping charges are generally non-refundable. 

Which gift accessory of Eternal Roses is suitable to pair with anniversary flowers?

You can pair your anniversary flowers with a beautiful astrological gift box and place a necklace or bracelet inside it for a surprise.