Tips for Picking the Ultimate Birthday Rose Flowers

Tips for Picking the Ultimate Birthday Rose Flowers

Let their birthday bloom be as vibrant as the person they are.”

Birthdays are super special!!  It’s the best day to showcase your love, respect and care for that person. And what better way to make someone's day more special than giving beautiful birthday flowers? Let's mix this old and gold love gesture with some modern touch, "PRESERVED FLOWERS," a new kind of bloom! 

This year, don't just give the gift of beauty, but give the gift of unconditional love. Imagine stunning colours and textures, arrangements that stay fresh forever, and a gift that keeps the birthday smiles blooming long after the celebration ends.

Forget boring bouquets; let's craft something truly special. Here, we will share tips on picking the perfect preserved birthday flower arrangement that sings and sends a birthday message of enduring love and appreciation. So ditch the ordinary and discover the top flower choices for birthdays!

Roses Colours Based On The Birthday Month

Roses are a classic birthday gift, but why not add a dash of extra meaning and personalization? Choose roses based on your loved one's birth month to weave a beautiful story into your bouquet! Each birthday flower's colour whispers a secret message, making your gift even more thoughtful and unique.

  1. January - Deep Blue Roses
  2. February - Red Roses
  3. March - Green Roses
  4. April - Pink Roses
  5. May - Emerald Green Roses
  6. June - Light Blue Roses
  7. July - Red, White, and Blue Roses
  8. August - Yellow Roses
  9. September - Earth-Toned Roses
  10. October - Orange and Black Roses
  11. November - Brown Roses
  12. December - White Roses

An Ideal Selection: Handy Tips For Choosing Birthday Blooms

  • Know Their Favourite Rose Shade

If your loved one has a favourite rose colour, consider selecting roses in that hue. Roses come in various colours, each conveying different emotions and sentiments. 

  • Symbolic Meaning of Rose Colours

Familiarize yourself with the birthday flower symbolism's meanings. For example, red roses symbolize love and passion, pink represents admiration, yellow signifies friendship, and white denotes purity. Choose a colour that aligns with your birthday wishes and the bond you share with the recipient.

  • Go for Preserved Roses Instead of Fresh Ones

Choose birthday floral gifts that last longer, like preserved flowers. Preserved roses remain beautiful for an extended period, making them a unique and enduring birthday present. 

  • Consider Mixed Bouquets for Variety

If you are unsure about the favourite colour of your loved one, opt for a mixed bouquet of roses. It adds variety and visual interest to the arrangement.

  • Number of Roses

The number of roses can carry significance. A single rose can symbolize love at first sight; a dozen roses are classic and convey deep love, and similarly, different numbers have varying meanings. Choose a number that suits the message you want to convey

  • Explore Unique Presentation Options

Preserved birthday flowers and roses can be presented in various ways. Consider unique presentation options such as a rose with a pendant, a single rose elegantly wrapped, or creative arrangements.

With the help of these, you can select the perfect birthday roses that align with your preferences and convey your heartfelt birthday wishes meaningfully.

Birthday Gifts to Pair with Preserved Roses

  • Personalized Jewelry

Pair a bouquet of roses with personalized jewelry, such as an evil eye necklace or bracelet with the recipient’s initials or birthstone.

  • Customized Gift Basket

Create a customized gift basket filled with treats, chocolates, and small items that hold sentimental value. This personalized basket with preserved roses adds elegance to the overall presentation.

  • Fragrance Set

Accompany the birthday flowers with luxurious fragrances, including scented candles, perfumes, or essential oils. 

  • Accompany with a Thoughtful Card

Attach a birthday card with a heartfelt message. Expressing your feelings in writing adds a personal touch to the rose gift.

  • Personalized Artwork or Home Decor

Give personalized artwork or home decor items that suit their taste. It could be a custom print, decorative item, or a piece that reflects their hobbies and interests.


Preserved flowers for birthdays are timeless, and their significance deepens when personalized. So, let the petals of preserved roses and thoughtful additions speak louder, ensuring that your birthday wishes echo in the heart of your loved one for years to come.
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