About Our Luxury Rose Company

The History Of Our Preserved Rose Company

Established in 2017, Eternal Roses®  is a function-first company. Since the beginning we have focused on making best-in-class preserved rose products by using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver a product that will be admired by all. 

Our entrepreneurial vision was aimed at making Eternal Roses® a gift and décor brand that is more enduring than what traditional florists can offer, while still providing the freshness of natural roses. We searched for the finest roses all over the world for several years before sourcing and developing the initial collection for Eternal Roses®. We finally found them in the highlands of Ecuador, where fertile soil conditions and micro-climates are ideal for growing over 400 varieties. 

Our roses are carefully selected in full bud and cut uniformly. They then undergo a natural process where the blooms are immersed in a patented blend of plant-based formula and preserving substance. This results in a truly spectacular and special, luxury roses that require no watering while maintaining its beauty and freshness for up to 3 years. 

The roses are then flown to New York to be meticulously hand assembled into centerpiece arrangements and rose gift boxes. The vessel for the centerpieces are elegantly textured and glazed ceramic earthenware hand crafted by artisans throughout Asia. You can also reuse the earthenware pot for live plants in stunning potting containers. 

Our Values

Eternal Roses® was founded out of a love of beauty & design. We also realized that a key element of practicality in a floral gift was missing — long lasting roses. We are very passionate about creating elegant pieces, incorporating artisan products, and sustainability.

However, first and foremost we are busy parents to two small children under the age of five, so we always look for multiple purposes in products. We wanted our gifts to become something that can be enjoyed as home decor. This is how our Soho Centerpiece was created.  

Our hectic, family-focused lifestyle led us to believe we could give our customers the flexibility of enjoying a gift that can be displayed and admired in any space, but also be utilized for different means in the future. 

While trying to make this experience as perfect as possible, we decided there is no better way than to make a luxury rose gift cost effective and effortless. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy our Soho Luxury Rose Arrangement Centerpiece. Once it arrives, simply take it out of the box and display it anywhere in your space.  

As with any of our luxury rose gift boxes, the "WOW" factor is a guarantee!

Our Beliefs

We are a diverse company, with backgrounds from various cultures and ethnicity, all coming together to create something beautiful.  We are also veteran owned, who’s core beliefs are deeply rooted in the foundation of equality, and who fought and defended the people of this great nation. 

We all come from very different backgrounds, and none of us had any experience in the flower industry. However, we managed to put together one of the most appreciated collections because of the immense amount of care that goes into each and every one of our products.  We thrive on bringing elegance and splendor to everyday life and our product range show just that.  We do not believe in overlooking the small details, from the careful selection of the roses, to the material used in our boxes, the high end quality of the grosgrain ribbons, the embossed writing, the meticulous selection that will result in a perfectly arranged bed of roses.  We look forward to each and every review we receive. It brings us immeasurable joy when customers share their experience and pictures of their Eternal Roses gifts.  We listen, we learn, we adjust, and we work to improve and constantly enhance the gifting experience to new heights.     

The Future

Due to our innovative nature as well as the introduction of so many items that are appreciated for their functionality, our luxury rose company has experienced a quick growth within a very short period of time. With a little help from these tiny "muses" we are certain sky's the limit...


“We love creating elegant designs that give one the possibility to use for multiple purposes.  It is truly important in everyday life to be surrounded by beautiful decor that will elevate any area to a stunning environment. Love where you live.”