Why Preserved Flowers Are a Great Choice

Everlasting Beauty: Why Preserved Flowers Are a Great Choice

At every birthday or anniversary party, as you celebrate another year of life & love with friends and family, the joy of sharing flowers or gifts is a cherished tradition. Preserved flowers have surged in popularity as a lasting alternative to fresh flowers. These everlasting beauties offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the wonder of blooms for an extended period, like your relationship.

Benefits of Choosing Preserved Flowers

1. Water-Free Beauty:

The preservation process employs organic ingredients that are completely safe for both humans and pets. The pivotal element in this process is glycerin, to maintain the moisture of flowers. This unique preservation method eliminates the need for watering your preserved flowers altogether. They thrive independently and gracefully without any water intervention. In fact, it's advised to keep them away from water and high humidity to maximize their lifespan. The beauty of eternal roses lies not only in their everlasting charm but also in the hassle-free care they demand.

2. Timeless Elegance, Anytime:

Preserved flowers have an impressive lifespan of 3 years when kept properly. Whether presented as a heartfelt gift for a birthday, anniversary, or an annual holiday celebration, these flowers endure well beyond the occasion, lasting until the next milestone or even longer. This remarkable longevity transforms flowers from fleeting gestures into enduring keepsakes, spreading joy for months. Moreover, their extended shelf life introduces practical and economical advantages, making them a more sustainable and convenient choice for decorative purposes.

3. Low Maintenance:

Compared to the demands of maintaining fresh-cut flowers, preserved flowers feel like a delightful escape from the constant care routine. With regular flowers, one is burdened with watering, tending to the stems, constant cutting, pruning, and an array of other rituals. Preserved roses, on the other hand, demand next to nothing from their owners. Place in a spot which is shielded from direct sunlight and outdoor disturbances, they thrive with minimal attention. All that's needed is the occasional light dusting to keep them looking pristine. 

4. Customizable Expressions:

The enduring nature of preserved flowers allows for intricate detailing and artistry. These flowers come in a vast array of colours, accents, finishes, and arrangements, making it impossible not to leave a lasting impression. The meticulous preparation and arrangement, coupled with your thoughtful selection, contribute to the creation of a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. The impact is not just visual; it resonates with the effort and consideration invested. These preserved flowers for lasting beauty become an integral part of someone's daily life and decor, staying for a year and leaving an indelible mark.

5. Cherished Memories: 

Versatility in Color and Form In addition to their prolonged lifespan, preserved flowers come in a wide array of shapes, colours, and sizes, providing an extensive selection for creating floral arrangements and enhancing wall art. This allows for endless possibilities in design and ensures that preserved flowers can complement different styles and themes, adding aesthetic value to any space in which they are displayed. 

How do They Last Longer 

Air Drying:

  • Choose flowers at their peak and remove any foliage from the stems.
  • Tie the stems together in small bunches and hang them upside down in a warm, dark, and well-ventilated area for 2-4 weeks.
  • Once dried, the flowers can be sprayed with a sealant to help maintain their shape and colour.


  • Place the flowers between the pages of a heavy book, making sure they are not overlapping.
  • Place additional weight on top of the book and leave the flowers to press for 2-4 weeks.
  • Once dried, the flowers can be carefully removed and used for various decorative purposes.

Silica Gel:

  • Fill a container with a layer of silica gel.
  • Trim the flower stems and place the flowers face down in the gel, then gently cover them with more gel.
  • Seal the container and leave it undisturbed for about a week to allow the gel to absorb moisture from the flowers.

Glycerin Preservation:

  • Create a solution of 2 parts water to 1 part glycerin.
  • Trim the stems and place the flowers in the solution, ensuring the stems are submerged.
  • Leave the flowers in the solution for 2-6 weeks until the glycerin has replaced the sap, then air dry them.


Preserved roses benefit over fresh-cut roses the next time you need to send flowers. They are the sensible choice because they are long-lasting, have beautiful hues, and are simple to maintain. Eternal Roses provides a fantastic assortment and will ensure that you send only the best-preserved roses.

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