A Floral Friendship Guide

A Floral Friendship Guide: Roses That Symbolize True Companionship

Are you someone who wants to make your friend feel special with flowers? Did you know that roses have been used for centuries to convey emotions and messages? Roses are more than just a pretty flower; they're a language of love and friendship. With their diverse selection of colours and shapes, there's a rose for every occasion. 

These long-lasting blooms are the perfect solution for expressing your friendship uniquely and unforgettably. Considering friends like flowers strengthens the relationship bond to an everlasting life journey. Nowadays, roses have changed. You can gift roses not only fresh but also preserved to your friend. Making your friendship gift a lasting reminder of your bond.

However, before you pick a random rose, it is crucial to know the symbolism associated with diverse types of roses to express your feelings of compassion and friendship. To make this gifting process easy and thoughtful, we have got you a floral friendship guide, elaborating a variety of roses, along with some value-adding gift ideas. 

Cultural Significance and Evolution in Roses Gifting

Roses hold a wide variety of cultural significance. They represent the pinnacle of joy and friendship in Western countries, extending heartfelt expressions of gratitude and support. In the Victorian era, roses could mean happiness and jealousy on different levels. The history of roses is linked to ideas of jealousy in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. The roses represent hopes for liberation and enlightenment in China. These roses are often associated with positivity and kindness in modern times, which makes them appropriate for celebrating special occasions and exchanging heartfelt messages with friends.

The story of roses unfolds as an amazing tale, tracing their beginnings to the Middle East, where they grew wildly. By the 18th century, their charm had captured the world's attention, adorning Victorian decorations and finding their place even in the narratives of religious myths. In the past, people used fresh roses to give presents to their friends. Gradually, they used those flowers with a lifespan of up to 4-5 days. But now, the time has changed, and you can buy preserved roses that live for many years. Eternal roses offer forever flowers in different shades, lasting up to 3 years with their fragrances. Each petal is meticulously crafted to maintain its perfection.

Roses: The Universal Symbol Of Friendship And Love

Here we discuss some flowers that mean friendship:

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are like a burst of sunshine, symbolizing joy, happiness, and friendship. When you give someone yellow roses, you express warmth and delight. In friendship, yellow roses convey a sense of genuine companionship and joy from being around each other. It's a cheerful way to show appreciation for a friend who has brightened your life. 

Pink Roses

To show sweetness and gratefulness, pink roses are the perfect pick. They represent admiration, grace, and affection. When shared in a friendship context, pink roses convey a sense of appreciation for the kindness and understanding that friends bring into each other's lives.

White Roses

As we know, white roses are linked with purity and innocence. These friendship flowers symbolize loyalty and sincerity. Giving white roses to a friend communicates a deep sense of respect and a pure, untarnished bond. It's a way to express the genuine and honest connection between friends, highlighting the beauty of a friendship based on trust and authenticity.

Friendship Gifts To Pair With Your Forever Roses 

Zodiac Sign Jewelry

Our Zodiac-inspired preserved roses with jewelry are presented in a specially designed black textured box featuring the constellation of the astrological sign crafted with potent crystals. Combining beauty and strength, these crystals serve as a significant accessory, aiding in connecting with one's soul through energy. Each necklace, themed after a Zodiac sign, is elegantly packaged in its Eternal Roses gift box with forever rose, complete with a ribbon, presenting it as the perfect, already-wrapped gift. Make your friendship bond strong with these zodiac gifts on special occasions.

Scented Candles With Preserved Rose Box

Make your flower gift more amazing by pairing them with scented candles. Our candles are handmade and come in a light pink container. We offer premium quality jars of candles that are versatile enough to fit in every space. Brighten the beauty of roses with our soy candles and make a lasting impression on your friends.

Glass Vase Pair With Eternal Roses

Giving your friend a pair of eternal roses in a glass vase is like gifting a forever smile. The roses, which do not fade soon, symbolize your everlasting friendship. Placed in a clear glass vase, they add a touch of elegance to any space, just like the beauty of your bond. Every time your friend sees the vibrant roses, they'll be reminded of your enduring friendship. It's not just a gift; it's a daily reminder of the love and joy you share, making it the perfect way to show your friends how much they mean to you. Various colours are available in vases, so you can choose as per your choice or mix and match with the rose colour. 

Collage Photo Frame

A Collage Photo Frame is no less than a magical album that holds all our favourite moments together, making it the perfect gift to celebrate your friendship. Each photo tells a story, and when they're all together in a frame, it's a reminder of the awesome journey you've shared. You can make it more special by adding some of our preserved roses.

Gourmet Food Basket

A Gourmet Food Basket is a delightful treasure of flavours, making the perfect gift for friendship. Packed with tasty treats ranging from chocolates and cookies to savoury snacks, it's a delicious way to show appreciation for your friend. Each bite reminds you of the sweetness and richness of your shared moments. Make a thoughtful present by combining this basket with our preserved rose boxes.  

Customized Mug

Custom gifts never fail to impress, and a customized mug is the perfect gift to transform a daily beverage routine into a time of cherished moments. Personalized with inside jokes, shared memories, or the recipient's name, it becomes a tangible reminder of your special bond. The effort put into customizing the mug with our preserved flowers for a friend reflects the thoughtfulness of the friendship, making it a meaningful symbol of the warmth and friendship you both cherish. 

Heart - Shaped Pillow

A heart-shaped pillow is not just a plush accessory; it symbolizes comfort and love. This soft, huggable token represents the emotional support and warmth shared between companions. Add gratitude and warmth to your gift by adding some of our roses. 


Being friends is like having a heaven, gifts make it even better. Imagine giving your friend roses that never fade, like a forever friendship. Eternal Roses deals in preserved, long-lasting roses that live up to 3 years.  We focus on presenting our product with perfection in mind. Every detail, including the roses, arrangement, ribbon, bow, and gift card, is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome. Our daily commitment involves constantly enhancing our products and designs, aiming to offer the finest options in the market. So, choose the best friendship flowers to make your friend feel special.

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